Alice Evidence


2016 was the 150th anniversary of Carrol’s “Alice in Wonderland.". So London Orkid Classic, in cooperation with Cyprus Motion Festival and Faroh Art Foundation, decided to produce twelve pieces of music for twelve chapters, and in consequence, international video artists were selected for visualizing the videos, and I was the winner director of the last chapter.
That was a time-taking process to understand how to conclude eleven other directors and Carroll’s Masterpiece while keeping my own taste.
Then I realized that I am going to have two Alice. One in her conscious world and the other as her super ego in her unconscious dreamland.
My Alice’s real awakening is not just as Alice did at Carrol's river bank in our so-called real conscious world, but achieving a deep self-awareness as a woman after leaving behind so many conflicts and becoming successful in combining her two worlds together.
From that moment on, Alice herself can be the key to any locked door and stay awake forever!


Director, Animation, Set and Character Modeling:
Sara Shabani

Agusta Read Thomas

Ebrahim Khazaee